Poor air quality can affect your health and that of your family, so it is crucial to have your air tested and to find solutions that help keep it at its best. Here are five indications that you might need air quality services.

  1. You Have Difficulty Sleeping
  2. If you find that your sleep habits have changed or that you don’t get quality sleep, you may have air quality issues in your home. The higher the pollution in your residence, the harder it is to get a good night’s rest. You could also have problems with your home’s humidity levels, causing you to be uncomfortable.

  3. You Feel Cold Symptoms
  4. If you tend to have cold symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, irritated eyes, and even dizziness, you could have poor air quality. If these symptoms are worse or only show up when you are in your home, consider having your air quality tested.

  5. Your Allergies Get Worse
  6. As with cold symptoms, if your allergies are exacerbated while you are in your house, it could be because of pollutants in the air. If you open a window and it alleviates some of your symptoms, then you could benefit from an air purifier to help get rid of the pollen or bacteria in your home’s atmosphere.

  7. You Notice Hot or Cold Spots
  8. As you walk around your home, check to see if you have hot or cold spots in the house. These pockets of air are signs of poor air circulation that may be caused by clogged air ducts or by an HVAC system that isn’t performing correctly. There may also be an issue with filtration. If your air isn’t properly flowing through your home, it can mean that your air quality is low.

  9. You Smell Lingering Odors
  10. If you notice certain odors that linger in your home, such as food odors from dinner the night before, you probably have pollutants that are lingering as well.

Professional Assistance at Your Disposal

At Mountain View Heating, we offer filtration and fresh air options to help with the indoor air quality issues at your Bend home. Our professional team also provides heating, air conditioning, and ductwork repairs, installations, and maintenance. Contact us today for more information!

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