Heat Pumps in Bend, OR and the Surrounding Area

Heat Pumps in Bend, OR and the Surrounding AreaThe cost of heat pump repair in Bend, OR, depends on what’s wrong with the system, so it’s difficult to give an estimate without an inspection. Clogged air filters are common reasons behind heat pump problems. If you change the air filter quickly enough, you might be able to prevent additional damage. Dirty air filters are a serious problem because they restrict airflow and overheat your heat pump. You should change them on time rather than wait for your heat pump to stop working correctly. A heat pump replacement in Bend may be needed if you don’t schedule a repair in a timely manner for a damaged system.

Heat Pump Repair in Bend

Signs your heat pump needs repair:
  • Weak airflow
  • Inadequate heating or cooling
  • Leaks
  • Frozen outdoor unit
  • Unusual noises

Having your heat pump repaired quickly prevents additional parts from breaking. It reduces your stress and improves your indoor comfort as well.

Heat Pump Repair in BendWhen you take good care of your heat pump, it’s unlikely to experience major problems. Breakdowns shouldn’t occur frequently. It’s only when a system becomes old that it begins breaking down often. More than two repair needs within a year are considered often.

The average heat pump lasts 10–15 years when it’s maintained well. You should look into a heat pump replacement once it’s this old to avoid headaches when it begins malfunctioning. Old heat pumps start to cause high energy bills, poor indoor comfort, noisy operation, and frequent breakdowns.

You should consider repairing your heat pump if it’s under 10 years old because this is usually the more cost-effective option. The exception is when the cost of repairing the heat pump is more than half the cost of replacing it. If you have an old system that’s malfunctioning, you shouldn’t repair it if the cost of repair is more than one-third the cost of replacement. Choosing to repair an old heat pump is a gamble because it’s natural for systems to reach a point they can no longer operate efficiently no matter what you do to try fixing it.

Trusted Heat Pump Replacement

Trusted Heat Pump ReplacementMountain View Heating has been serving the Bend area for over 40 years. Bend is a beautiful city known for its scenery and outdoor activities. You can depend on us to repair your heat pump in a timely manner. We provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, and we are a Lennox Premier Dealer. On a dangerously cold night, you can contact us at any hour for an emergency repair.

Contact us to schedule repair of your heat pump, or for any other heating or cooling service in the Bend area!


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