Thermostats in Bend, OR

Close Up Of Male Hand Adjusting Digital Central Heating Thermostat In HomeIf you need assistance with thermostats in Bend, OR, you can reach out to our team at Mountain View Heating. A thermostat fills a very important role in your home. It can continually assess the temperature and signal your heater or air conditioner to turn on or off. When you don’t have a properly working thermostat, your HVAC systems will not know what to do. One scenario involves your systems not turning on at all. This would make your home very cold or warm, depending on the season. That same effect can happen if your HVAC systems don’t know when to turn off. In this case, you’d get hit with high utility bills, and your home would likely be uncomfortable. Whether you’d like to replace an old one or you are moving into a brand-new home, you can have a traditional thermostat or one of the newer smart thermostats installed at your place.

Installing Thermostats in Bend

When thinking about where to have a thermostat installed, you’ll want to keep it in a central location. Not only will this give the thermostat a better chance to assess the average temperature of your home, but it will also make it easier for you to read its display.

You’ll need to keep other factors in mind as well.
  • Proximity to exterior doors
  • Proximity to windows
  • Proximity to sources of heat
  • Whether direct sunlight will fall on it

Smart house. Nice joyful woman looking at the sensory panel while pressing itIf the thermostat gets hit with direct sunlight or it has gotten placed near an appliance that generates heat, its temperature reading will reflect that additional warmth. As a result, your air conditioner may engage earlier than usual, or your heater may not turn on as soon as you’d like it to. The opposite issue would occur with a thermostat placed near doors and windows. This would lead to lower temperature readings, and that would affect your home’s comfort level in both the winter and summer.

Some of our customers in Bend have chosen to have smart thermostats installed. These units come with many benefits. Since they can connect to Wi-Fi networks, they can receive communication from mobile devices. If you’re away from home and want to make an adjustment, you can easily do so. This provides a lot of flexibility that many people find attractive. Alternatively, you could go with a programmable thermostat if you don’t necessarily need remote access. This type of thermostat can remember several different temperature settings, allowing you to program separate day and evening preferences.

Helping Customers With Thermostats

At Mountain View Heating, we truly care about our customers. We’ve proudly served the community in Bend since 1979, and many of our employees have worked for us for more than a decade. The staff members at our family-owned and -operated business always conduct themselves professionally. The quality of our service has helped us develop a strong reputation in the region, and we look forward to helping you.

Call us at Mountain View Heating to discuss our services related to thermostats in Bend.


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