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Mountain View Heating is a dependable emergency repair company in Bend, OR. In the more than four decades of offering quality solutions, we have gained a reputation for exceptional customer service. Our highly skilled team can handle a wide range of brands including, Lennox, Daikin, and Honeywell. You can rely on our 24/7 emergency repair service team in Deschutes County to be there when you call.

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Why we are the best:
  • Skilled technicians
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Dedication to customer service
  • Friendly and honest team

Bend’s Best 24/7 Emergency Repair Service

If your heating or air conditioning system has a problem, you should first check for faulty or incorrect thermostat settings. The placement of the device can influence the readings on the device. Always ensure its location is away from ambient heat sources, such as ovens or space heaters.

If you’ve checked the thermostat settings and the unit has a continuously running blower, it could be the relay switch. When it is stuck, the blower fan will keep running until it’s unstuck. To avoid losing energy, you need to call our 24/7 emergency repair service technicians immediately.

Another reason to call Mountain View Heating emergency repair service in Bend is if the pilot light is flickering. It could be an indication of ignition problems or clogging within the appliance. An unstable flame may also mean there is excess carbon dioxide, which could be a hazard in your home.

You shouldn’t ignore any signs of a malfunctioning unit, such as noise from your equipment. A high-pitched squeal could be from an aging blower belt that will need a replacement. Scraping sounds are signs of a worn-out blower belt or loose components within the system.

Bend's Best 24/7 Emergency Repair Service

Other reasons for emergency repairs:
  • Seemingly endless cycling
  • Carbon monoxide detector going off
  • Your unit is not starting
  • Smell of burning plastic from your unit
  • Sudden breaker trips during cycling

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slider_img1Mountain View Heating staff in Bend is certified, licensed, and bonded. Since 1979, our team has been working on improving service delivery to our customers. We believe in the principles of honesty and transparency, and we screen all our staff during recruitment.

Our employees have to undergo training to meet the standards of safety set by OSHA. We are also members of humanitarian projects like Habitat for Humanity. Our mission is to assist our clients and the community overcome challenges by working together.

You can count on the Mountain View Heating team for dependable 24/7 emergency repair services in Bend. Call us now for service!


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