Rising summer temperatures can also make your home in Bend OR heat up. However, there are several things you can do to make areas of your home with sun exposure cooler and more comfortable. You can find helpful tips on how to do this below.

Increase the Shade

You’ll want to do what you can to block UV rays from entering a sun-facing room. Adding window treatments is one of the easiest ways to keep sunlight from heating your living space. Curtains or drapes with a reflective or light-colored backing would do the best job since they won’t absorb extra heat. In addition, you can consider getting adjustable blinds or a roller-type shade.

Trees planted in strategic locations near the house, especially with large leaves, can provide useful shade for sun-facing rooms. Fixed or adjustable awnings can block the rays, too.

Upgrade Your Windows

Upgrading or modifying your windows can cut down on heat entry. Insulating windows come with at least two panes, and the gas in between those layers can block heat transfer.

Add a Mini-Split

Ductless mini-split AC can be installed in a room that tends to get hot in the summer. Conveniently, this type of cooling system doesn’t require any ductwork. Our team at Mountain View Heating can help you with a ductless mini-split installation.

Turn to Us

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