Comfort Club
Benefits Package

SAVE 20% off maintenance cost when you join our Comfort Club!
Thorough maintenance renews your system to “Factory Fresh” conditions, enhancing safety, reliability and energy savings! Mountain View Comfort Club is for those customers who desire peace of mind with their comfort system.

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Exclusive benefits reserved
for The Club include:

Priority Scheduling!

In the event you require repair service during normal business hours, due to a breakdown; you will enjoy elite customer status and be moved to the head of the line for scheduling and dispatch of the repair technician.

24 Hour Service Is Available!

In the event a true emergency occurs, and you need us for repairs at some odd hour, we’re here for you 24/7/365. Please note that not all “No cool” calls are considered “emergencies”. “No heat” calls are emergencies, where health or wellness might be endangered.

Never Pay Overtime Rates!

Normally during an emergency visit, overtime rates are charged; however, for a member of The Club they are not! Members enjoy elite status and rates!

Customer Loyalty Reward!

Earn up to $500 in reward credit for your next heating or cooling system, or system upgrade purchase. As a loyal member of the Mountain View Comfort Club, you’ll earn $100 per year in reward credit towards the purchase of your next replacement comfort system. ($500 maximum credit, non-transferrable, no cash value, customer must remain on the program without interruption to claim reward.)

Club Member Giveback on Repairs!

10% instant giveback on all demand service repairs (diagnostic not included), for being a member of The Club.

Locked In Price!

Lock in your maintenance at today’s price for the term of your Agreement and avoid annual price increases.

Peace of Mind!

Periodic inspection, lubricating, adjusting, safety testing and cleaning of your heating and cooling system keeps it running at peak, trouble-free efficiency. Potential problems are spotted before they cause a breakdown.

Trained Technicians At Your Service!

Skilled technicians and a dependable staff of experts look after your equipment and its performance. We “worry” so you don’t have to.

Service You Can Trust!

Our skilled service personnel know their business and your equipment. Rely on a company who cares about you like Mountain View Heating to give you fast dependable service at an affordable price.

Membership in the Mountain View Comfort Club is EASY! To join the Club, complete the sign up form provided by one of our representatives or call our office and we will email or fax you the form. (Model and serial numbers from the equipment will be needed).

Begin receiving your Elite member benefits by scheduling the first maintenance on your comfort system. Your next scheduled service will be automatically entered and we will confirm a convenient date and time to perform service.