Unfortunately, Bend and other communities throughout central Oregon are often affected by wildfires. In addition to destroying due to the actual fire, these disasters can spread smoke and ash for miles. While you can avoid most of the smoke by staying indoors, you may be worried about the effect the smoke will have on your AC unit. So, will wildfire smoke hurt your AC, and will it draw smoke into your home? The following covers what you should know about running your AC during a wildfire.

Should You Run Your Ac Unit with a Wildfire Nearby?

Yes, you can run the AC during the fire season and be safe. While you may think that the AC unit will bring the air from the outside in, this is not the case. Central AC units work via a process of heat exchange. They absorb hot air from inside your home using a coolant mechanism, and then the unit’s fan blows the air outside. At no time during this process does the AC suck air from outdoors and blow it into your home. That means that you can safely run your central AC and not worry about smoke getting inside.

If you have a window AC unit, however, there are some additional precautions you will need to take. Like central ACs, these units also work on a process of heat exchange and do not draw outside air indoors. They also use filters to keep your air clean. Because they sit in your window, though, you need to be sure that all of the edges around the unit are sealed tightly to prevent smoky air from getting inside. If you need help properly sealing your unit, the team at Mountain View Heating can help.

Maintain Your HVAC System During the Fire Season

If fire season is approaching, it’s time to contact an HVAC professional to check your AC. During a maintenance visit, an HVAC technician will check and replace filters if necessary, and you can inquire about advanced filtering systems that may offer added protection. You can also ask about indoor air quality products such as air purifiers that can be installed into your HVAC unit. Your maintenance tech will also clean and lubricate parts, check wiring, and perform other tasks to ensure that your unit is operating optimally.

At Mountain View Heating, we maintain AC and heating units throughout Bend and the surrounding area. We also provide heating and cooling repair and installation services and indoor air quality solutions. Contact our team today to learn more or set up an appointment.

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