Unusual Smells Around Your Gas Furnace

It’s not normal to smell gas around your furnace. If you smell a rotten egg or Sulphur coming from the vents or furnace, you could be having a natural gas smell. The first step is to shut off the unit and the main gas supply. You should then vacate the house as fast as possible and call your local gas company. The company should shut off the gas safely to prevent explosions and fires so that a qualified technician can diagnose the problem.

Natural gas leaks in furnaces can be caused by different factors, such as a damaged or cracked heat exchanger or a gas line problem. Whichever way, it’s not advisable to diagnose the problem by yourself. Ensure that you contact a trained technician with the necessary equipment and knowledge to diagnose and fix the issue to stop gas leaks around the furnace.

Cracked Heat Exchanger

The furnace’s heat exchanger is responsible for indoor heating air. You are likely to smell gas around your furnace when this component is cracked or damaged. Several things can cause a crack in the heat exchanger, but heating is the common cause. When the heat exchanger cracks, natural gas, and carbon monoxide mix with the heated air and are dispersed throughout your home. Consequently, you smell gas from the furnace.

Valve Or Gas Line Leak

Natural gas gets to your furnace through gas lines. They control gas flow into the furnace. The gas smell around your furnace could be caused by a leak in the gas line or valve. Common causes of leaks include improper installation, age, and accidental damage.

Back-Drifted Furnace

Back-drifting happens when combustion gases from the furnace leak into your indoor air or the surrounding area, rather than exiting the house safely through the exhaust flue. Leaky ducts clogged or disconnected vents, and running several exhaust fans in an airtight home are some causes of back-drifting. It’s wise to call a trained technician for diagnosis and repair.

You need a furnace expert to inspect your furnace for the above issues that cause gas leaks. We have trained and experienced professionals who can assist with that. We also service and install heat pumps, air conditioners, gas and electric furnaces, zoning systems, and ductless mini-split systems. Need a furnace expert in Bend? Contact us at Mountain View Heating today to schedule an appointment.

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