If you have experienced a fire, you understand how noxious and irritating the smoke can be. Smoke is made up of fine particles and a complex mixture of gases produced when wood and other organic materials burn. These particles can affect the quality of your indoor air.

During a fire, the fine particles found in smoke pause the highest health threat as they get into the respiratory system and the eyes. This leads to health issues such as a runny nose, burning eyes, and other illnesses such as bronchitis. These fine particles can also aggravate chronic lung and heart diseases, sometimes leading to premature deaths.

Outdoor air, smoke, and other fine particles from the fire enter your home in numerous ways which include:
  • Natural ventilation including open doors and windows
  • Mechanical ventilation devices like HVAC systems
  • Kitchen and bathroom fans that vent to the outside
  • Through cracks, joints, and other small openings

How A Fire Affects IAQ

Smoke could affect your indoor air quality differently depending on the fire’s proximity to your house and the density of the smoke. If there is an active fire very close to your home, it’s best to evacuate for you and your family’s safety. However, if the fire is not very close, there are things you could do to reduce your family’s exposure to smoke.

Reducing your family’s exposure to smoke is very important for everyone’s health—especially for older adults, children, and people with pre-existing lung or heart diseases. Below are ways to reduce the amount of smoke getting into your home:

  • Keep doors and windows closed
  • Avoid activities that may create more particles in the air
  • Avoid strenuous activity
  • Use a fan or an AC to stay cool
  • Call an IAQ expert for assistance

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