If you’re concerned about the possibility of mold growing in your home, there are several steps you can take to find it and get rid of it. Mold spores can become airborne and be inhaled, causing a wide variety of health problems. If you smell mustiness in your house or see black growths in moist places, you might have a mold problem.

Checking for Indoor Mold

The first step in looking for mold is to perform a visual inspection of places it’s likely to grow. Mold loves moist spots, so look for black growth or discoloration in your bathroom, behind your refrigerator, under any piles of paper or cardboard, or in other spots where water accumulates. Mold can also easily grow in places that have been damaged by floods.

Using a home test kit can help you to determine if you have mold spores circulating in your residence. These test kits are put out around your house and allowed to sit for 48 hours. Any mold spores that are floating around will attach to the surface and start to grow. After the collection period, the mold is allowed to grow on the test kit for up to five days. If you see any spots of mold after this time, you’ll know that there are spores in your home.

Seek Professional Help

Having a professional perform a mold test in your residence is the most effective way to determine if you have a mold problem. Mountain View Heating offers comprehensive heating services that could minimize the amount of moisture in your home. We’ll make sure that your heater is functioning properly so that it can maintain low humidity levels.

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