Whether the furnace in your home is old or just has a lot of problems, sometimes you can save money by replacing your heating system sooner rather than later. It also may be less of a safety hazard to have an old furnace heating your home. If you’re worried about when to replace your furnace, there are four signs that it may be better for you to replace your home furnace this fall than to wait for another season.

  1. High Energy Bills
  2. If you notice that the energy bills for your home are skyrocketing and only go down once you shut your furnace off, then you may need to consider a more efficient furnace for your home. An energy-efficient furnace can help reduce your utility bills.

  3. Frequent Repairs
  4. When you regularly have to call to have your furnace repaired to work during the cold months, you probably need to replace it. If you hear unusual noises from your furnace as it runs, call our technicians. It’s vital to have these noises inspected right away because they can mean something serious is wrong with the furnace. If our technicians determine that the repair is due to too much wear and tear, replacing it may be the best option. Also, if your repair costs are starting to add up, replacing your furnace may be the next best step.

  5. Poor Performance
  6. If your furnace isn’t doing a good job of heating your home, it may simply be failing. This may be a good time to not only look into a new furnace but also to research one that has upgraded.

  7. Age Reaching 15 To 20 Years
  8. Furnaces don’t last forever. Consider getting a new one if the current unit in your home is between 15 and 20 years old. If the furnace isn’t properly maintained, it may even need a replacement at the 10-year mark.

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