Deciding on whether to install a heat pump or furnace depends on considering several variables, including your current location, budget, and the existing setup of your home. Keep reading to discover some considerations as you decide on the type of heating system that will work best for your home.

Your Local Climate

Heat pumps used to be only effective in milder climates, but with new technology a low ambient, or “cold climate” heat pump will perform great in even some of the coldest areas of the Northwest. They transfer heat outside into the home, with ground breaking Inverter Technology these new heat pump systems will keep you warm and comfortable, even in some of our coldest areas like Sisters and Sunriver.

Your Budget

Traditionally, because they produce heat using fuel sources such as natural gas or oil, furnaces have been more cost-effective in colder climates. However, with gas prices more than doubling in the past two years, along with very good tax incentives and utility rebates on electric heat, Cold Climate heat pumps are becoming more and more popular due to their ability to perform increasingly well as temperatures drop.

Your Existing Setup

Furnaces require ductwork to distribute heated air throughout the home. Installing a furnace will be less expensive if your home already has the ductwork needed. Ductless heat pumps or “Mini-Splits” are more appropriate for homes that lack ductwork. An HVAC expert’s input will help guarantee that the selected system will work with the home’s existing components, the local environment, and the homeowner’s preferences.

Are you trying to decide whether to put in a furnace or heat pump? Mountain View is here to help. We offer a variety of furnace and heat pump services, as well as AC installation and repair, HVAC maintenance plans, indoor air quality testing, emergency HVAC, and more. Get in touch with Mountain View immediately to arrange a consultation with a licensed HVAC expert about the most suitable heating system for your house.

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