New Furnace Bend, OR

4 Common Signs That You Need To Replace Your Furnace

4 Common Signs That You Need To Replace Your Furnace Most people only think about their furnace when it’s not working. But what if you could tell before your furnace breaks down that it was time for a replacement? Here are four signs that it’s time for a new furnace. 1. Your Furnace Is More

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Furnace Buying Guide in Bend, OR

A Guide to Purchasing a Furnace

Everyone enjoys a warmer house, but seasons like winter necessitate additional heat sources. If so, you should buy a furnace for your Bend, OR, home. There are plenty of heating systems in the market and choosing the perfect brand might be challenging, especially if you’re doing this for the first time. Some of the factors

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Winter Preparation in Bend, OR

How to Prepare Your Home for Winter Weather

Once winter is approaching, it’s time to prepare your home for cold weather. There are several important tasks to complete so that your home is warm and comfortable throughout the winter. Seal Gaps Check your doors and windows to see if there are any gaps that will allow cold air to enter your home. You

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Furnace Leak in Bend, OR

Causes of Furnace Leaks

When you notice that your furnace is leaking, it might be a bit confusing. After all, a furnace doesn’t use water to operate. Several factors cause heaters to leak, and you shouldn’t leave the problem unattended. Water leaks can cause considerable property damage, so act swiftly to avoid damage to your flooring, furniture, and walls.

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Thermostatic Expansion Valve in Bend, OR

The Function of a Thermostatic Expansion Valve

There are a number of interior components that contribute to how an HVAC system works. The thermostatic expansion valve is a device that is designed for throttling the amount of refrigerant that moves through your air conditioning system’s evaporator. It regulates this flow based on monitoring the temperature and pressure inside the unit. Thermostatic Expansion

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