Don’t forget to add HVAC maintenance to your list of spring cleaning chores this year. Doing so can prevent costly breakdowns, extend the life of your system, reduce energy costs, and improve your indoor air quality. Use these five tips to get your HVAC ready for the warm seasons.

1. Inspect the Outdoor Unit

As you begin your spring lawn projects, be sure to clean any debris that may have built up around your HVAC’s outdoor unit. Use a rake to remove leaves and branches that have collected within two feet of it. Trim bushes that grow close to it as well. These chores will allow your system to cool without being stressed.

Check the condenser for signs of damage, and make sure that the outdoor unit is on a stable, level surface.

2. Check Your HVAC Filter

Replacing your filter regularly is important. A dirty one restricts airflow and may allow the growth of mold. An inadequate filter will cause your HVAC system to work harder and use more energy, resulting in higher cooling bills all summer. Keep the filter changed on a regular basis.

3. Check for Air Leaks

Even an HVAC system that’s in top-notch shape will struggle in a home with air leaks. Scope out every part of the house to make sure it’s sealed as tightly as possible. Seal small cracks and replace damaged weather stripping around windows and doors.

4. Check the Cooling Function

Avoid any surprises later on in the season as the temperature rises. Make sure your AC is ready to go before the heat is unbearable. Set the thermostat lower than the temperature indoors and wait for the unit to turn on. After it’s had time to start working, make sure cool air is coming out of all your vents.

The professional AC maintenance at Mountain View Heating in Bend are ready to serve your HVAC needs this summer. Contact us for all your heating, cooling, and indoor air quality services.

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