Thermostats in Sisters, OR

Close Up Of Male Hand Adjusting Digital Central Heating Thermostat In HomeWe’re the place to go for thermostats in Sisters, OR. Our experts understand that your home’s thermostat is the key to the proper and efficient operation of your home’s HVAC system. So, if your HVAC’s thermostat isn’t working as it should, it will impact your comfort and your bottom line. That’s why Mountain View Heating offers comprehensive thermostat services, including the installation and configuration of the latest and greatest smart thermostats.

Quality Thermostats in Sisters

When the thermostat in your home works as it should, your HVAC system should turn on when necessary to raise or lower your home’s temperature to your preset value. So, when you notice that your home’s HVAC isn’t operating as it should, your thermostat may be to blame. This is especially likely if your thermostat is old since most modern home thermostats have a useful life of around 10 years. When your thermostat stops working, replacing it with a new one should restore your HVAC system to perfect working order.

There are several signs to look for that may indicate that your thermostat needs replacement.
  • Your HVAC won’t turn on
  • Your HVAC runs continuously
  • Your thermostat doesn’t respond to temperature changes
  • Your thermostat’s display won’t turn on
  • Your home has warm or cold spots

The good news is that the experts here at Mountain View Heating can diagnose thermostat issues quickly and recommend the right solution for you. If you wish to replace your thermostat with a similar model, they can do that for you. Or, if you’d like to take the opportunity to upgrade to an internet-connected thermostat, they can do that too.

Today, more homeowners than ever are turning to smart thermostats to help them achieve perfect indoor comfort. These connected devices offer features that didn’t exist only a few short years ago. For example, smart thermostats give homeowners the ability to manage their home’s HVAC system from anywhere with an internet connection. They also include advanced learning capabilities that can analyze the patterns of a home’s occupants to suggest more comfortable temperature settings over time. And, many of them also include advanced energy savings features that can cut down your electric bills without sacrificing any comfort. According to the US Department of Energy, the addition of a smart thermostat alone can save homeowners up to 8% on their yearly heating and cooling bills on average.

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The Best Smart Thermostats

At Mountain View Heating, we proudly sell, service, and maintain HVAC thermostats in Sisters, OR. So, if your home’s thermostat isn’t working as it should, we have the tools and expertise to either fix the problem or replace your thermostat if necessary. That includes handling the installation and configuration of the latest smart thermostats available today. We’ve served the Sisters, OR, area for over 40 years, striving to achieve 100% customer satisfaction throughout. We also offer 24/7 emergency service, so you’ll never have to worry about a failed thermostat leaving your home without heat or air conditioning for one moment longer than necessary.

If your Sisters, OR, home needs a new thermostat, call the experts at Mountain View Heating for high-quality thermostats installed right!


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