Mini Split in Sisters, OR

ductless mini splitHaving a ductless mini split in Sisters, OR is a great way to modernize your property and increase your indoor comfort. While central air conditioners establish a single, uniform temperature throughout houses, a mini-split or ductless air conditioner will allow you to cool select areas of your home independently. With separate thermostats and air handlers, you can avoid wasting money on cooling rooms that no one is actively using.

At Mountain View Heating, Inc., our ductless mini split installation is both quick and hassle-free. With one of our ductless systems in place, you can get rid of your inefficient window AC while sidestepping the high costs of having your house retrofitted with HVAC ducting.

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Mini Split Installation in Sisters

Mini split installation is a popular choice for older homes in Sisters that lack the necessary ducting for supporting central cooling systems. If your house lacks ductwork, paying to have HVAC air ducts put in now could prove incredibly costly. Post-construction ductwork is also difficult to conceal. It’s also less efficient than ductwork that was part of the initial construction, and it’s likely to diminish your indoor aesthetics. Depending on the current layout of your home, retrofitting it with ductwork can even make your living environment both look and feel a lot smaller.

Mini split air conditioners have an outside condenser/compressor unit installed on a small concrete slab. These units are typically set up in rear or side yards. They’re then connected to one or more air handler/evaporator units on the interior of the building. Refrigerant tubing and thin electrical wires get passed through small holes drilled into the exterior walls of each room or zone that has its own air handler. More often than not, these holes are just 3 inches in diameter.

Compared to the installation of post-construction ductwork, mini split installation is fast and minimally invasive. You can have whole-house cooling in your Sisters home within a matter of hours. After the installation is complete, HVAC technicians will walk you through the process of setting your thermostat and using your new mini split equipment to maintain the indoor temperature you want.

Mini split installation is also an excellent choice for homeowners in Sisters who already have central AC but want reliable cooling for areas that don’t get adequate HVAC service.

You can use a ductless mini-split to cool down your:
  • Garage
  • Attic
  • Basement
  • Home office
  • Garden room

Mini-split AC systems add ventilation to remote areas like these, filter the indoor air, and regulate indoor humidity.

Savings With a Mini Split

Installing a ductless air conditioner in your Sisters home is an excellent way to save cash and breathe a bit easier. Ductless mini-splits are far more efficient than window air conditioners. Moreover, unlike window AC units, they won’t block outside views, create viable points of ingress for intruders, or set the stage for pest problems. While window units can cool just one room, ductless AC models are flexible enough to meet the needs of your entire household. This remains true even if residents have dramatically different preferences for indoor temperatures.

The absence of HVAC air ducts also provides several indoor air quality (IAQ) benefits. Rather than traveling through complex networks of dusty HVAC air ducts, cooled air from a mini-split gets distributed right away. This prevents energy waste and ensures that conditioned air isn’t picking up harmful particulates before it enters your home.

To experience the benefits of mini split air conditioning, get in touch with Mountain View Heating, Inc. in Sisters today!


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