Keeping your home at a comfortable temperature isn’t just about installing the right system. It
also includes keeping that equipment in good working order. Now is a good time to establish a
maintenance schedule.

Why Should You Maintain Equipment?

From the moment a system is installed, it begins to experience wear and tear. This is normal
and happens with all mechanical devices. Regular maintenance will keep it from breaking down
or failing when you need it most. It can also extend the useful life of your equipment.

Best Time of Year for Maintenance

Heating units should be serviced before the first cold weather. AC units should be
serviced before hot weather arrives. Plan before your local service
company gets swamped with requests.

Mountain View Heating is the company to call in Bend when it’s time for maintenance services.
Let us know if you want help with your indoor air. We service all makes and models, so don’t
hesitate to call us.

What Professional Maintenance Visits Include

You’ll want to use a qualified, experienced technician to maintain your heating and cooling unit.
Technicians will inspect, adjust, and test your equipment for proper operation and safety. They
will verify fluid levels, test for leaks, check electrical connections, and clean away debris and dirt

Simple Maintenance You Can Do

There are things you can do throughout the year to make sure your unit can keep up with
demand. Replacing the filter, yourself is a low-cost maintenance chore that doesn’t require any
technical expertise. Cleaning away debris from exterior equipment can keep the air flowing
freely around equipment.
Mountain View Heating provides NATE-certified technicians to help homeowners in Bend
maintain their heating and cooling equipment. We also offer repairs and installations for the name-
brand systems, including Lennox, Honeywell, Daikin, and Aprilaire. Locals turn to us when they
want to improve the air quality in their homes and install and maintain ductwork. Call us today
to schedule an appointment for your property.

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