Furnace Maintenance in Sisters, OR

Dependable Furnace Maintenance in Sisters

Furnace Maintenance in Sisters, OR

The team at Mountain View Heating has been serving Sisters, OR, and the nearby areas since 1979. We know how important it is for your furnace to do its job. The weather here gets chilly from October through May, so when customers call us for furnace maintenance, we take it very seriously.

Trust that we:
  • Are family owned and operated
  • Offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Hire skilled technicians
  • Offer maintenance agreements
  • Are passionate about extraordinary customer service

Our shop is a member of the community. We believe in providing excellent services and participating in charitable causes like Habitat for Humanity and Central Oregon Police Chaplaincy.

Experienced Sisters Furnace and Heat Pump Maintenance

Heating Maintenance Services in Sisters, ORThe temperature in Sisters drops significantly during the winter months. This means you must find a way to stay warm, cozy and comfortable indoors. For many, that means using the heating system. Unfortunately, your furnace or heat pump can run into issues without proper maintenance.

The most common furnace problems are:
  • Dirty air filters
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Electric ignition or pilot problems
  • Thermostat malfunction
  • No heat
  • Frequent cycling

Although all these issues are inconvenient, they are preventable. If you schedule an inspection with one of our technicians, they can spot and address potential problems before they become expensive issues. One of the first things our technician will do is change the air filter. A dirty air filter is one of the main reasons why a heating system will stop working. Once too many layers of dust have built up, the system begins to overheat because it has to compensate for the obstruction. When it does, it may stop working or break down entirely.

A furnace that is not operating well can turn into a hazard. To keep you and your family safe, it’s best to schedule a pre-winter inspection. Our technicians will walk you through their findings and make any necessary adjustments.

The Best Value in Furnace Maintenance

Furnace Tune-Ups in Sisters, ORThe best way to care for your furnace or heat pump is through regular maintenance. It’s easy to get regular tune-ups when you sign up for our agreement plan, the Comfort Club. You’ll receive periodic furnace or heat pump maintenance visits. Additionally, you’ll save 10% on service repairs and up to 20% on your maintenance costs. For your loyalty, you also earn money toward your next system replacement or upgrade.

To make an appointment in Sisters, contact us at Mountain View Heating today. Our crew can also handle AC maintenance, heating installations and furnace repairs. We’re even available 24/7 for your emergency repair needs!


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  • Join our COMFORT CLUB and save 10% on demand service repairs and up to 20% on your maintenance costs while earning $$$ towards your next system replacement or upgrade!

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