Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps in Bend, OR and the Surrounding Area

When looking for a company that excels in heat pumps in Bend, OR, and the surrounding area, you need a team that offers the ultimate in quality, reliability, and value. At Mountain View Heating, we offer this and so much more. Whether you’re considering heat pump installation or replacement, our team will help you to get the best from these versatile and energy-efficient systems.

Heat pumps offer heating and cooling from the same unit. In the summer, your heat pump uses refrigerant just like a standard AC: it absorbs heat from inside your home and dumps it outside, which is how your home stays cool. But in the winter, the refrigerant does the opposite—it absorbs heat from the outdoor air and brings it inside to warm up your home. The best part is that heat pumps only need a little electricity to operate and therefore save homeowners a significant amount on their heating costs. We can also help you if you need heat pump repair, so please call us if this is a service we can assist with.

Choose Us For Heat Pumps in Bend

Investing in a heat pump is one of the best things you can do for your home and year-round comfort. If your existing furnace and AC system is coming to the end of its natural life, it’s the perfect time to consider one of our heat pumps in Bend. We can take you through some of the many benefits of heat pump installation and provide you with a cost-effective estimate.

If you already have a heat pump and you’re looking for a heat pump replacement, we have the perfect upgrade. The team at Mountain View Heating will assess your home and needs and help you to choose the right system. If you’re happy to go ahead, we’ll arrange heat pump installation at a convenient time. All work will be carried out to the highest standard and with care and respect for your home. We clean up as we go and we can also take any old equipment away.

Here are just some of the benefits of heat pump installation:
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Heating and cooling in one unit
  • Energy-efficient and better for the environment
  • Lower maintenance than other systems
  • Longer lifespan

First For Local and Reliable Heat Pump Repair

Whether your heat pump is unresponsive or is cycling incorrectly, our team is on hand to help you. We offer heat pump repair that restores your heating and cooling back to its most efficient level. We’re here to ensure your comfort and safety and bring you energy savings with top-of-the-line systems. Since we opened our doors way back in 1979, we’ve continued to wow our customers with amazing service and dependable workmanship. We offer 24/7 HVAC services and we’ll get somebody to your door as quickly as we can. We can also help you with heat pump maintenance. Twice a year, we’ll visit your home to service your heat pump and keep it operating at its best. Regular maintenance can keep your system operating more efficiently and keep energy costs in check.

To find out more about our heat pumps in Bend and the surrounding area, call your local HVAC team at Mountain View Heating today! We’re ready to tell you more about these amazing systems and arrange repair or installation at a time to suit you.


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